Saving Sunny Inc


What We Do

Saving Sunny is a multi-faceted organization. When we founded our Saving Sunny in 2010, we began as a rescue + foster organization. Now, we not only rescue dogs through working with our sheltering partners, we also assist pet owners with the ability to keep their dogs from entering the shelter system through basic resources and education.

We have found that surrendering a dog to an animal shelter is often a last resort for loving families who may be living in a resource desert and be struggling to find the proper resources + assistance to care for their pets. Our Community Dog Resource Center, founded in 2014, is designed to lessen the flow of dogs into the municipal shelter.

For the dogs that are already residing in our shelters, we have established a core group of foster families that work to integrate their Saving Sunny adoptable into their family, teaching them basic manners, pack integration, and how to be role model dogs in our community while we search for their forever family.

The dogs that enter our foster program are all different, special, individuals and we treat each case with the knowledge that no two dogs are the same — no matter their past. Our dogs live in the present, and it’s our job to plan their future.

Who We Rescue

The dogs available for adoption in our program are all unique. Some are young pups, others are bouncing teenagers. We do not discriminate based on age, breed, or past circumstance.

While it’s true that animal abuse and neglect is a prevalent issue in our community and beyond, and some of our dogs have faced such horror, oftentimes the dogs that end up shelters are there because their family could no longer care for them.

It’s our job to evaluate, rehabilitate, and focus on finding their forever family, and the most common attribute of all our foster pups is that they are deserving of companionship. It’s a disservice to dogs to focus on what they’ve been through in the past.

We find that dogs wash their brains out at the end of the day — they aren’t focused on what they’ve been through, and while certain information is important for us to keep in mind to design a rehabilitation program, we move forward. We learn from them, and we grow together.


It’s true that Saving Sunny’s mission includes the rescue of those animals whose circumstances exceed the resources of other rescues or animal agencies, it is common for our dogs to require extensive medical, behavioral, and or emotional / psychological rehabilitation.

Saving Sunny firmly believes that any dog who has the ability to recover from her/his circumstances deserves the opportunity to recover and find a happy home, no matter how long it takes, or how much money or emotion is required.

We evaluate each case individually and design a program for that dog to successfully find his/her forever family. We are lucky to rely on partners in the community, such as veterinarians and trainers, who love and treat our rescue dogs like their own.

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Downtown Animal Hospital – Dr. Kerry Garrity – 502.585.1010
Heart’s Ease Veterinary Care – Dr. Courtney Bennett – 502.715.2536
All Pet’s Veterinary Center – Dr. Missy Jewell and Dr. Ashley Ladergast – 502.384.0551


Double H Canine Training Academy – 502.377.1998
Unleashed Pawtential – 502.432.7777
Indian Point Dog Training – 502.744.8856

Adopting a Saving Sunny animal means you have not only saved a life, but you have been a part of the final stages of his/her rehabilitation and have given the animal the loving safe haven he/she has been waiting for.