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Saving Sunny, Inc. launched the Community Dog Resource Center (CDRC) in May 2014 with the support of a grant from Best Friends Animal Society and later Animal Farm Foundation. The CDRC is designed to provide resources and services to underserved communities in Louisville, Kentucky, who demonstrate higher rates of owner surrender of dogs into shelters, as well as higher rates of stray and homeless dogs that also land in the shelter. The mission of the CDRC is to provide the support needed in these low-income areas to assist owners in their desire to keep their dogs. To that end, the CDRC provide a free food bank, access and transport for free spay and neuter services, collars, leashes, nametags, and in-home behavior support. The CDRC’s flagship location is in the beautiful and vibrant urban Portland Community of Louisville and serves any person or family in need. Our CDRC will launch satellite locations in different Louisville neighborhoods in Summer 2016.

Saving Sunny, Inc. | Community Dog Resource Center

The Portland Community Center (640 N. 27th St.) plays host to the CDRC one Saturday every month. Saving Sunny’s CDRC volunteer team opens the doors at 11am and we stay open until all of the supplies are gone. Community members line up early to make sure that they are able to enjoy the free food and supplies and able to spend time with our Saving Sunny Behavior team to get advice or set up a home visit to address behavior concerns. Pet owners can also talk to our Saving Sunny team about the importance and healthy benefits of spay/neuter and they can even sign up to have their dog(s) transported to and from the KY Humane Society’s SNIP Clinic for free spay/neuter services. Saving Sunny also partners with Louisville Metro Animal Services to offer free vaccination, microchip and licensing events.

The CDRC represents a key component of Saving Sunny’s philosophy about dog rescue, which is that we must be willing to help the humans if we are to help their dogs. We promote a “judgment -free” zone that welcomes all people, no matter what personal challenges they face, as long as they are committed to the wellness and safety of their dog(s). Loving homes take many forms and do not always look, sound or feel like what many in the rescue community are accustomed to seeing. As a result of this commitment, the Saving Sunny team learns more about what it means to love a dog than we knew possible.

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